Every year, launches the video art group show, a special collaborative exhibition project where all the works are presented together composing one singular video. Inspired by the “exquisite corpse” spirit of the website, Carlos Sáez and Claudia Maté invite five artists to create a 45 seconds video piece each, giving total artistic freedom and without telling them who else is invited. The curators then establish an order for each to create a unique story. A music artist puts sound over the entire piece to help set the tone. Every year’s edition is a continuation of the previous one, so every video is like a chapter from a story without a written end that started in 2013. The main objective of is to explore the possibilities of internet as collaborative tool. The result of the project 2015 is a colorful digital trip that viewers to artists Sabrina Ratté, Joe Hamilton, Akihiko Taniguchi and Pascual Sisto. This trip includes also an invitation to a girl’s night party by Geoffey Lillemon and Dylan Galletly, who also created the soundtrack.

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