To commemorate the victims of Orlando, VisionaireWORLD created a bedtime story for Grindr’s pride party on June 26th. The film sees journalist Ahmed Shihab-Eldin reading a story the Dutch duo Viktor&Rolf wrote for Visionaire 59 FAIRYTALE.

Disco Hedgehog, as it is called, tells the tale of a hedgehog with an unnatural light beaming from its body when night falls. The hedgehog’s parents are at first horrified and decides to forbid the hedgehog to be out at night out of concern of what the rest of the animal kingdom will say to and of their baby. Of course, their plan unravels as the hedgehog is caught glowing in the dark by a gossipy crow.

The film, which has contributions from Alan Cummings, Binx Walton, Brooke Candy, Cecilia Dean, Hari Nef, Humberto Leon, James Kaliardos, Klaus Biesenbach, and Rose McGowan, ends with a call to action to support Grindr 4 Equality, a charity set up by the trailblazing application to help promote LGBT equality.

Watch the film here!

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